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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on our HR website serves as a centralized resource to address common questions and concerns that potential clients may have regarding various aspects of Konnect services and procedures. This page aims to provide clarity and guidance, promoting efficient communication and ensuring that you have access to essential information.

What services does Konnect offer?

Konnect offers a variety of HR focused consulting services and tools. For a full list of services please visit here. Konnect can provide monthly support in the form of a subscription or customize service based on your business needs.

How is Konnect different from other HR consulting companies?

At Konnect, we use a ‘center of excellence’ philosophy. Our center-of-excellence approach allows us to tap into some of the brightest and most talented minds in the industry to work on your specific business needs. For example, if you need a compensation review, we don’t assign a general HR manager, we offer your business a Compensation Analyst skilled in this area of business, so you are getting true expertise with a long history and background in compensation.

How does Konnect work with the existing in-house HR Team?

As our name suggests, we are all about the power of connection and believe in being a true partner with our in-house counterparts. We work closely with internal teams to help support and alleviate pain points, synergize and streamline processes and ensure success through communication. The Konnect leadership team comes from the corporate world and we understand the pressure and nuisances of politics, we pride ourselves on being the best possible partner to make the biggest impact for all involved.

How does Konnect protect confidential employee information?

Data and security is something we take very seriously. You can rest assured that Konnect takes all proactive measures to protect confidential information. Konnect is happy to sign company NDA’s as we assist you with sensitive situations with your most important asset, your people.

What business hours does Konnect work? Will you travel to my location?

The Konnect team works standard business hours Monday – Friday, however based on your subscription and agreement, we can be available to you at enhanced hours. The Konnect team is available to travel to your business location and often leads in-person trainings, facilitates meetings and events on behalf of our clients. We find in-person time can be beneficial and will work with you to understand travel fees and costs.

What is the process of working with Konnect, how do I start?

The first step in starting is an informative call so we can asses needs together and align on a contract. Once your contract is final we will dive into the work. Our first step post-contract is to Have a kick off call to meet the Konnect team members you will be working with and discuss more in detail about what you will be needed support with. For Core and Premium services, we will send you information to start your HR Audit.

Is Konnect experienced with all sizes of business, small to large?

Yes! Konnect is well-versed in the needs of businesses of all different sizes and stages of growth. We have experts who have worked for Fortune 500 businesses, nonprofit organizations, and startups who are just opening and those who are working to scale. We bring on team members who match your industry for the best possible pairing and client service.

Can Konnect support layoffs and terminations?

Yes, this is an area of specialty for the Konnect team. Depending on your subscription, we offer termination support. Additionally, with build-your-own support, we offer layoff, termination, and transition services. To learn more, please visit (link)

Does Konnect offering hiring and recruiting services?

Yes, Konnect offers a variety of services as it relates to growing your business, finding the best talent and retaining talent too.

Do I have to purchase a subscription to work with Konnect or can I hire Konnect to work on a project?

While we encourage clients to explore our subscription options, we are happy to work with your business on a custom project-based contract (we call this ‘Build Your Own’). Many businesses find this option the most helpful to start and then continue with a subscription as business needs evolve. You can find more information about Build Your Own Support here.

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